Rolling Stone features Toucan’s Security Floodlight Camera as "The Best Smart Floodlight Security Cameras for Your Home"

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Keep your home secure with these smart devices that take traditional floodlights and integrate video, audio and mobile connectivity

Traditional motion-sensing floodlights provide a bright beacon whenever anyone steps up to your house. They’re also helpful for illuminating a clear path in the dark, along with security for scaring off would-be burglars. These smart floodlights take it a step further, operating in a similar fashion to doorbell cameras, while retaining all the benefits of the original ones that came before it. Here’s what you need to know when looking for the right light to brighten up your driveway and keep a constant eye on your front door, even when you’re away...

3. Toucan Security Light Camera

The light itself on Toucan’s security cam is less bulky than most, but still provides some serious brightness at 1200lm.

The unit’s camera gives the user a wide angled view in 1080pHD, as well as night vision and an instant live feed, two-way talk, and weather resistance to rain and moisture. There’s also the option to play a pre-recorded audio message, blare an 110db siren, and even contact emergency services directly.

Setup was among the quickest and easiest of all the ones we tried, and a subscription isn’t necessarily required (you’ll still get free access to the past 24 hours of videos).

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