12 Benefits of Toucan’s Wireless Security Camera For Homes

Learn why you need to get the Toucan Wireless Security Camera PRO for your home today.

Toucan Wireless Security Camera PRO installed on top of blue front door of a house with white walls

If you're a homeowner looking to fortify your home security, you've probably stumbled upon the term "wireless security camera." In this ever-evolving digital age, having a reliable security system is not just a luxury but a necessity. For instance, the Toucan Wireless Security Camera PRO is a cutting-edge addition to your home security arsenal that will leave you feeling safe and sound.

Today's blog article will discuss the 12 amazing reasons why the Toucan Wireless Security Camera PRO stands out among the sea of options available in the market:

#1 Accurate RADAR Motion Detection: A Game-Changer

The Toucan Wireless Security Camera PRO features RADAR motion detection, a technology that takes security to a whole new level. When motion is detected, the camera sends instant notifications to your smartphone, ensuring you're always in the loop. Bid farewell to false alerts triggered by annoying creatures or swaying branches; this camera is more intelligent than that!

#2 Convenient Magnetic Mount with Anti-Theft Alarm: Easy Installation

Installation can be a daunting task, but not with this security camera. The Toucan PRO boasts a magnetic mount with an anti-theft alarm, making installation a breeze. Simply attach the camera to a magnetic surface, adjust as needed, and rest assured that the anti-theft alarm will keep potential intruders at bay. 

#3 Power-Packed Rechargeable Battery: Wireless Freedom

The Toucan Wireless Security Camera PRO comes with a built-in 9,750 mAh rechargeable battery, allowing you to place the camera almost anywhere without worrying about power outlets. Whether monitoring your front porch, back yard, or even a remote shed, this camera's got you covered. Plus, if you prefer continuous power, there's an optional plug-in available.

#4 No Hub or Base Station Required: Simplifying The Setup

Setting up multiple devices and a complicated hub can be intimidating. But not with the Toucan wireless security camera. This device operates seamlessly without the need for a hub or base station, streamlining the setup process and saving you time and effort. Connect the security camera to your home network using 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and you're good to go!

#5 Crystal Clear 1080p Full HD Resolution: Keeping An Eye On Every Detail

When it comes to security, clarity matters. Toucan’s wireless security camera offers 1080p Full HD resolution, coupled with a 140˚ wide-angle view. This means you can monitor an expansive area with clear, detailed video -- no more blurry or grainy footage. This smart device can identify faces and capture license plate numbers.

#6 Weather Resistance Rating: Shielding Against The Elements

Mother Nature can be harsh, but the Toucan PRO can handle it. Its IP56 weather resistance rating protects this camera against dust, water, and extreme weather conditions. Come rain or shine, rest assured that your security camera will continue to function at its best.

#7 Customizable Motion Detection Zones: Filtering Out The Noise

Dealing with unwanted traffic triggering false alerts can be pretty frustrating. Fortunately, the Toucan PRO offers a solution by allowing you to set customizable motion detection zones. With this feature, you can ensure you receive alerts only for real and relevant events, eliminating unnecessary notifications and keeping your security system focused on what truly matters.

#8 Night Vision Capability: Illuminating Darkness

Burglars don't abide by daytime schedules, which is why night vision is crucial. The Toucan Wireless Security Camera PRO comes equipped with night vision, allowing clear recordings and motion detection in low-light conditions. You can sleep peacefully knowing your camera is vigilant even when the lights are out.

#9 Toucan Smart Home App: Control At Your Fingertips

Controlling and accessing your security camera has never been easier. The Toucan Smart Home App, installed on your smartphone, puts you in control from anywhere. Whether at work, on vacation, or just chilling in your living room, you can monitor your home with a few taps on your phone.

#10 Free 24-Hour Video History: Reviewing Footage

The Toucan PRO allows you to go back in time and see what happened with its free 24-hour video history feature. You can easily review the events of the day and stay informed about any occurrences that may have taken place.

#11 Two-Way Talk with Pre-Recorded Messages: Speak Up, But Keep Your Privacy

The Toucan Wireless Security Camera PRO enables two-way talk through your smartphone, allowing you to communicate with visitors or potential intruders remotely. And if you want to maintain your privacy, the pre-recorded messages feature lets you obscure your voice.

#12 Works with Amazon Echo Show and Google Home: Smart Addition To Your Smart Home

The Toucan PRO seamlessly integrates with Amazon Echo Show and Google Home, enhancing your overall smart home experience. Home security becomes an integral part of your smart living ecosystem, offering convenience and peace of mind like never before.

The Takeaway

The Toucan Wireless Security Camera PRO offers a cutting-edge, user-friendly solution for fortifying your home security. With its accurate RADAR motion detection, convenient installation, and powerful features like 1080p Full HD resolution and night vision, this camera ensures your peace of mind day and night. Its weather resistance, customizable motion zones, and integration with smart home devices make it a top choice for safeguarding your home. 

Embrace the future of home security today by investing in the Toucan Wireless Security Camera PRO at ToucanSolution.com -– the ultimate solution for a safer and smarter home.