Toucan Video Conference System HD


$179.99 $199.99

The Toucan Video Conference System HD is your companion when it comes to work-from-home meetings, or meeting with your colleagues remotely, from anywhere in the world. With 4 built-in microphones with real-time echo cancellation, a 5 watt speaker, and a simple plug-and-play interface, this conference speaker is what you need to get your remote meetings up and running quickly and effectively.

  • PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE CALL QUALITY: Comes with 4 built-in echo cancelling microphones, to pick up anyone speaking from any angle, which ensures that everyone in the room can be heard.
  • CLEAR SOUND: The Toucan Connect Video Conference System HD has a 5W speaker that is not only excellent for quality sound in a call, but makes it excellent for music as well.
  • HIGH QUALITY VIDEO: The included camera can stream at up to 1440P FHD at 30FPS, with excellent low-light performance. It is an excellent choice for streaming or meeting.
  • FLEXIBLE MOUNTING OPTIONS: The camera not only mounts directly on the speaker, but can be easily attached and mounted anywhere using the included monitor mount and 2m USB cable.
  • WIRED OR WIRELESS: The Toucan Connect Conference Speaker can be connected either via the included USB cable or via Bluetooth 5.0, to give you excellent sound quality and convenience.
  • FOR HOME OR OFFICE USE: Perfect for your home office or office conference room, the Toucan Connect Conference Speaker is ideal for remote work and to make any conference call with clients go smoothly with quality audio. Mounting the camera directly onto the speaker also means the Toucan Video Conference System HD keeps a small footprintof only a few inches across, It fits on any desktop or conference table.
  • BLUETOOTH AND USB ENABLED: Connect the speaker via Bluetooth 5.0 or USB cords, depending on your needs. This conference-quality speaker is easy to use and intuitive, meaning you can focus on your meeting without having to stress about whether the technology will perform.
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL AND USE: Connect your Toucan Conference Speaker to your Smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or to your computer via Bluetooth or USB. The simple plug-and-play interface is intuitive and easy to use.

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