At Toucan, we are committed to your privacy and safety. Toucan Smart Home is designed to provide affordable and high-quality products for the everyday person to get the home security they need and have a peace of mind. This includes your customer privacy to feel confident in the products you’re bringing into your home. We have outlined below the ways customer information is used and the safety measures for your security products. 

Video and Account Protection: 

- We encrypt the user login passwords and those stored in our cloud server database. 
- Communication between Toucan Smart Home App and the cloud server are encrypted with SSL and SRTP protocols. 
- Recorded videos are only stored for the duration of your Toucan Shield Plan (24 hours – 90 days depending on your plan) and are deleted from our servers afterwards. 
- Toucan employees do not have access to view any live streams or recordings on any Toucan device. 
- Two-step login verification implemented to protect your login access. 

Keeping your account safe: 

- You control who has access to your device through the Shared Devices tabs. You must invite someone for them to have access to only the devices you have elected to share with them, and you can remove their access any time to control who can and cannot access to any of your devices. 
- If someone has logged in with your credentials, you will immediately receive a notification that another device has logged into your account so you’re always aware of your account activity as no more than 1 device can use the same credentials at a time. This also provides you the opportunity to log in and kick the other device off your account and change the password immediately if needed. 

Account Information: 

The information that we collect are only for the purposes of proper operation of your Toucan account, your devices, and for product improvements. The following are the information that we collect: 

- Email address for Toucan ID registration 
- Encrypted password for your Toucan ID access 
- IP address to setup your device time zone 
- Device type and its serial number 
- Device operational data only for the purposes of product improvements: 
- Firmware version 
- Battery charge level 
- WiFi signal strength 
- Number of false triggers 
- Device status (Online or Offline) 

Any further information is completely yours and yours only. We do not share or sell any information to anyone or other companies. 

Actions you can take to further protect your account: 

- Depending on your operating system, you are able to create a lock on certain apps that require a password to access. We recommend locking the app and your phone to add the extra layer of protection that can only be access with a unique PIN or fingerprint scan. 
- Create a more unique password for your Toucan account login credential that is mixed with different numbers, letters and symbols to protect your account. 
- Stay up to date with new features and app updates as we are continually looking to improve the Toucan app and it’s security.