Toucan Smart Home App - NO Subscription Required.

No Subscription Required.

With the recent media storm around competitor brands increasing customers monthly charges, we at Toucan wanted to reassure our customers that we won’t ever force them into a monthly charge to be able to review and download video events from the cloud to their devices.

smart home app

As a business we pride ourselves on putting our customer at the forefront, ensuring you have a product that makes you feel safer in your home without increasing the burden on your monthly budget.

With the cost of living putting financial pressure on people across the board, we believe now more than ever that our customers require our support in ensuring their homes are safe.

Toucan Smart Home App

All of our home security items can be paired with the Toucan Smart Home App, which is free to download and unlike competitor brands, was designed in house and requires no paid for subscription packages so you’ll have no monthly fees to pay.

The app allows you to control and access wide angle, full HD video, 24/7, live on demand.  When you aren’t proactively watching footage live, inbuilt motion sensors will send instant alerts to your smart device flagging movement wherever you are in the world. Video recording will be automatically saved into our local cloud servers which can be reviewed for 24hrs after the recording time to save it should you need it (up to 5 events per month).  

Because your footage is stored in the cloud rather than in base stations or on an SD card, it is kept safe and secure and not vulnerable to theft.  You can access it from anywhere with an internet or 4G connection without the need for any physical storage devices. The cloud also offers multi-layer encrypted security to protect your user data.

And don’t forget, we have no limit to the number of devices that you can add to your FREE Toucan account.

We are committed to protecting you, your privacy, and your family with Toucan Smart Home App. Share your devices with 1 additional user, download 5 video events and review videos for 24hrs within the FREE Toucan Smart Home App service. This also includes the great features like Two-Way Audio, Instant Notifications, Pre-recorded Messages, Manual Video / Photo Capture, Adjustable Motion Sensitivity, Snooze Button/Schedule, Unlimited Devices, and Motion Detection Zones.

toucan smart home app