Communicate with anyone at your front door with two way audio through the live feed. If you want to hide your identity or disguise your voice, choose from 4 different pre-recorded messages to communicate with guests.

Use picture-in-picture to have your camera locked on a certain area (i.e: package on the ground) while viewing the rest of your front door. Easily access a certain section of your front porch by keeping a locked screen on a selected area to monitor at all time.

Utilize a siren alarm when you see something suspicious from your live feed camera to scare away any unwanted visitors. Choose the siren sound duration from your settings to run from 30 seconds to 3 minutes or turn off the siren manually from the live feed menu.

For emergencies, use the emergency services button on your live feed to call 911 or customize the phone call to call someone in your contacts like a family member or neighbor.

Enjoy 24 hours of free recorded video in your “Events Tabs” to go back to review footage taken when the camera detected motion. Manually take photos or videos from your live feed to capture someone or something by your home that you want to save and view in the future.

Receive instant notifications to your phone when motion is detected to always know what’s happening at your home. Receiving too many notifications? Adjust your motion sensitivity in the Toucan Smart Home app to 4 different settings to adjust what you want the camera to record and not record. Only want notifications during certain times? Use the “Do Not Disturb” feature or schedule when you want the cameras to be on to only receive notifications during a certain time