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Toucan W100 Stream Webcam is Great for Meetings or Live Streaming Videos for Social Media.

Webcams have been a big hit over the last couple of years, mainly because of a little something called Covid which had many of us either working from home or having children learning from home. I had to buy two webcams for both my kids but after a year, they didn’t really need them anymore because life goes on. Anyways, webcams still have a use outside of learning and work and some of us use them for streaming video to our favorite social media platforms, like YouTube, Twitch, or TiKTok for instance. When streaming, we usually want something with HD quality and consistent framerates and the new Toucan W100 Stream Webcam gives us this with a solid 1080P HD resolution at 60fps.

Toucan W100 Stream WebcamThe Toucan W100 Stream Webcam is part of Toucan’s Connect line of products. Toucan markets this as a premium webcam that features 1080P HD resolution at 60fps, a built-in omnidirectional microphone, and a wide 89-degree field of view. The W100 includes a removable stand, USB-C cable connection, and requires zero custom drivers or software. You basically just plug it in and you are good to go. You can use it with any streaming software you already use, such as Nvidia Broadcast and OBS Studio, as well as conference call apps like Zoom and Teams.

Toucan W100 Stream Webcam

Included in the kit are an adjustable stand and USB-C cable. The Toucan W100 Stream Webcam can be screwed into the adjustable stand and placed on top of your monitor, laptop, or tabletop and includes rubber feet for better grip. The camera itself isn’t the smallest I’ve seen and kind of looks like a shot glass attached to a swivel stand. What I like about the camera though is that you can swivel it facing downwards as a privacy measure so people can’t see you if you accidentally leave it on.

Aside from that, the video quality on the webcam is actually quite good. From what I’ve tried so far, the videos come out very clear and crisp thanks to the 1080P resolution, and 60fps means your videos don’t look like they’re straight from the ’90s. Not much else to say other than if you’re looking for an HD webcam, the Toucan W100 Stream Webcam gets the job done and looks pretty good doing it.

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