Case Study: Uproar PR & Toucan Solutions

Like many other companies across every industry, Uproar PR decided to go fully remote after the pandemic reshaped what functional office life could look like. After switching from two open floor plan offices to 50+ individual home offices, our company needed the right technology to streamline our work processes, both internally and externally. It’s essential for not only our day-to-day work, but necessary to support our clients’ growth. 

Starting in 2021, we worked closely with Toucan to determine which products would best support the needs of each individual team member for their home office. Spending a hefty portion of the day on calls internally or with clients, Uproar looked for products that would better the quality of video calls and boost sound to ensure clear understanding. Previously in the office, Uproar used video conferencing tools, like the Meeting Owl and conference room speakers. To mimic these tools for home offices, Uproar PR rolled out products across the Toucan Connect line, including the Toucan Conference System HD, Streaming Webcam and Conference Speaker.

toucan solution

Conference System HD

The Conference System HD is perfect for rooms dedicated to office space with a combined power of both a high-quality streaming webcam and a powerful omnidirectional two-way speaker with four powerful built-in microphones. The combined speaker and webcam can capture crisp and clear audio from anywhere in any room in the house; perfect when we’re switching between the home office or outside on the patio for a change of pace. Small enough to fit in a tote bag but sonorous enough to pack a punch, the conference system does double duty for every video and audio need.

Streaming Webcam

Offering 1080p footage and 60 frames-per-second, this lightweight and flexible webcam gives high-definition quality video in a compact frame small enough to fit in a pocket. The Toucan Streaming Webcam is a premium device at an accessible price, offering a full high-definition resolution, a built-in omnidirectional microphone, a wide-angle 89-degree field of view, and excellent low-light performance for video conferencing and streaming session. The plug-and-play device works immediately without any needed driver or installation software via any USB port with the included USB-C cable. Simply hook up to a computer, laptop or tablet and begin to stream video from any conference room or office set-up.

Conference Speaker

The Toucan Conference Speaker is the perfect solution to replace a laptop’s quiet speaker. The Conference Speaker comes with four built-in echo cancelling microphones that pick up anyone speaking from any angle, ensuring a clean, deep sound for any meeting. The Toucan Connect Conference Speaker can be connected either via the included USB cable or via Bluetooth 5.0 for any work configuration. With a small footprint of only a few inches across, it fits on any desktop or conference table with ease. The simple plug-and-play interface is intuitive and easy to use and requires no downloads or drivers to use.

Gone are the days where Zoom was just a novelty. At Uproar PR, we can juggle up to eight video calls in a single day. In 2021, the PR agency took the plunge into the fully remote lifestyle, and it couldn’t have been done without reliable and foolproof office products to connect us all. Thanks to Toucan’s ecosystem of wireless office tech, we look forward to every call knowing that while we can’t meet in person, we have the next best option at our fingertips.